Here's what some of our past clients had to share about their experiences.


Pia B. // Artist

I have had acupuncture treatments with Nuria for several health problems and it has been very helpful. She is an amazing and generous person, very professional and sensitive.

I also had treatments with Tahona for a back and shoulder problem. Her hands are both strong and soothing. The treatment was very effective not only physically but also emotionally.

I strongly recommend both therapists for their commitment, professionalism and inner beauty.

Daniel L. // Communication Specialist 

I’d had a half-dozen or more Grinberg sessions when the opportunity came up to do a retreat. I’d had such good results with the regular sessions that I was pretty sure that there would be some break-throughs with an intensive weekend. And I was right. If it wasn’t the best present I’d ever given myself, I can’t think of what was. It started exactly the kind of shift I was looking for. The intensity of the individual sessions however, was nicely balanced by the group sessions. And the food was absolutely delicious. 

Svetlana L. // Therapist

Rita was recommended to me as the most professional and trustful Practitioner of the Grinberg Method in Geneva. My friend didn't lie to me :) I had un amazing  process during few years, when each of our meeting was not like the previous and filled of surprised learning about myself. I had many changes in my life which I couldn't imagine without her. I feel more confident, silent and happy in continuation of my life traveling, even if I meet the fear and pain :)  THANK YOU Dear Rita!!!!  As my friend few years ago, I strongly recommend trying this great experience to everybody.


ERIC M. // Writer

Few months ago, as I was looking for an acupuncture therapist, one of my good friends in Palma told me about Nuria. I took my first appointment in June 2016. I was looking for solutions to centralise my energy and to improve my creativity. By the way, I have two hernias that were hurting a lot.  

Nuria fixed all my problems with 4 or 5 sessions. I remember this incredible sensation of floating I felt when I got back home after the first session. Since then, I feel really better.  Combined to healthy activities and food, the sessions with Nuria really changed my life. Now that I live in Barcelona, I miss Nuria so much. Her acupuncture knowledge associated to an incredible sensibility, are absolutely amazing. If you're looking for an acupuncture therapist in Mallorca, she's the best! Trust me!

SHTILIANA B. // PNL Practitioner

 I loved the retreat and had great time and benefit both from the amazing individual sessions and the group events. Getting more in touch with and tune to my own body and waking up its various sensations made the experience mind-blowing for me. There was time to relax and time to play, time to be nicely on my own and with myself and time to bond and laugh a lot with a bunch of cool people. It was fun and a great opportunity to learn more about myself and my body with guidance and support that make all the difference. I relaxed and recharged so well. Thank you!


NIKI P. // Communications Manager & Life coach

What surprised me was the instant results I got. But more importantly, I started to understand and connect with my body, and work on the real root cause of the issues.

JEREMY L. // IT Programmer

You were able to help me reclaim a sense of contentment that has been missing in my life for more than a decade and I am excited about continuing that discovery in our next sessions. 

Ruth C. // Librarian

I can’t recommend Tahona highly enough. As a result of her treatment I have developed an automatic slow breathing response to stressful situations, so that I rarely find myself wasting energy in anger and frustration now.

Buffy K. // Author, Life Coach & Energy Healer

Tahona’s mastery of somatic bodywork technique is beautifully complemented by her caring, direct, and insightful approach. She quickly attunes to clients’ needs, and expertly guides them through whatever energy blockage releases they are open to experience in any particular session. She’s a gifted practitioner who skilfully reminds us of our integral connection to breath and the innumerable benefits of staying present in—and listening to—our bodies. I have yet to experience such a profound flow of energy throughout my entire body with any other healing modality.